Adopt good daily habits. Your garments will thank you for this!

Your lucky charm suit as well as your favourite black dress or jumper deserve the best care possible in order to last longer. Well aware of that, our experts share with you the little tips that change everything.


As regards machine wash, check the laundry symbols on your clothes labels. Moreover, do not overload your machine and always separate whites from colours. Prefer hand washing your delicate items or washing them inside out.

Also check the pockets of your trousers are empty.  


Check the dryer symbol on the label before putting any item onto the dryer. Avoid drying any textile containing elastic material, such as jumpers, as it can bobble or shrink. It is better to let it air dry, laying it flat away from the sun.  


Dampening your clothes before ironing helps smooth out the creases. We also recommend you to iron your clothes on reverse side and to protect your delicate textiles by placing a cloth between the iron and the fabric.


Your natural fibres (wool, linen or silk…) required a gentle wash and a specific care. It is essential to dry clean delicate items.

Get your delicate fabrics pampered with Maxima© care. This special treatment will bring softness and brightness back to your items.



Your white clothes are losing their brightness? Are they turning grey or yellow?

First of all, do not mix whites with colours and contrary to preconceived ideas, never use bleach as it can damage the fibres. If you want to whiten clothes while preserving the nature of the textiles, White + care helps restore the original whiteness of your clothes.


Dry cleaning is a perfect option when you wash them for the first time as they tend to fade during the first wash. Afterwards, you can wash your jeans inside out with buttons and zip closed at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees. Ideally, let them air-dry as the heat from the dryer can damage them.