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  • Laundry dry cleaning and washing are two distinct cleaning processes specific to the nature of your textiles and performed by our experts after having inspected your items.

Each garment and textile requires a specific treatment. Dry cleaning is recommended on the care label of some items of clothing while others state the item should be washed. Our teams of experts are in charge of inspecting the garment and its composition in order to perform the most appropriate cleaning.

A range of laundry detergents exclusively developed by 5àsec is used in the washing process in order to purify, degrease, soften and according to the needs, whiten textiles. Those processes are themselves linked to a mechanical action, at a suitable temperature and a precise time allocated to the required treatment.       

Washing essentially requires water, which can dry up some fragile fibres. This is why dry cleaning is recommended on many care labels.

For this purpose, a large part of the solvents used today are alternative solvents, such as KVL, which give optimal results.

A dry cleaning machine is similar to a washing machine but it is larger and operates in closed circuit: the solvent is collected by a recycling system, filtered and reused during the next cleaning cycle.

Thanks to our Research and Development Department, 5àsec continues to test in exclusivity the new products introduced into the market. We develop innovative and alternative solutions in line with our more and more eco-friendly approach in order to offer the best solutions to our customers. 

5àsec advices

Each garment has a specific treatment.

Do not cut out the labels. Without labels, your garments no longer have ID card!